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Satisfied Tanning Customers

I love this place!  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  The beds and place itself are always spotless.
Lizzie W.
Fort Lauderdale
This salon has knowledgable attendants with useful information. Their beds are wonderful (try the level 4 booth!). I did not burn, thanks to the wonderful direction and advice from the staff. I will return!
Jessica T.
Fort Lauderdale
I have been going there for at least 12 years. I started at the one in Lauderhill, and now ft lauderdale. I love it I wouldn't waste my money anywhere else Staff is great, owner is great! Always clean and a great experience. I once bought a groupon for another place because it was a good deal. I went 1 week unlimited and didnt get the color I get in 2 sessions at Electric Sun. The place is the best!
Andy B.
Fort Lauderdale
5 Stars All the Way!  Electric Sun is top notch when it comes to service, modern equipment, and cleanliness.  I have been to many other tanning salons in the area and none come even close in comparison.  The staff I have dealt with are all very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.  The receptionists assist customers efficiently as possible.   If there is a line forming, they will multi-task and get things moving.  It's a well run establishment by far!
A M.
Fort Lauderdale
Wow! What a great place!!  Clean, relaxing and choices! Joyce helped my daughter and I, she was very informative and pleasant. She also was patient with all of our questions. The establishment is very clean and organized. There are alot of choices to tan. We will definitely be going back. If you are in need of a tan I strongly recommend this place!!
LaRae L.
Fort Lauderdale
Best tanning salon in the area.  Extremely clean, customer service is great, and the beds are the best.  Prices are comparable to other salons, but Electric Sun's quality of beds are much better.  Wish they would open up another location closer to my house.
Emily B.
Fort Lauderdale
This salon is so nice and clean. Yesterday was my first day tanning @the salon. The girl who worked yesterday was so helpful and patient.  They had an awesome special when you buy certain lotions you get free tans.
Chelsea B.
I've been a customer for 10 years now, wholly crap time flys! Well first of all I'm no rookie to indoor tanning and can consider myself somewhat of a good critic. Here's the dealio people, it's all about the bulbs and how often the ownership changes them. You can have a great bed but if the bulbs are not fairly new you're knocking to get a good tan and you'll burn. Also if the staff are a bunch of a holes and don't do their job and clean the beds you'll end up getting some type of fungal disease. From my experience the last 10 years this place is owned by a very nice guy who is more concerned with customer satisfaction and does not mind changing the bulbs on the earlier side. The staff have all been there almost as long as I've been going and they are very friendly very informative and can answer all your in short this place rocks tell them that you got recommended by me so I can get a discount and I swear if I'm lying what you guys think it's not all that write me back and tell me your thoughts.
Ronnie B.
Being a loyal customer to so many places I visit, for me it is very hard to change when I have to.  When we moved back up to Broward I needed to find a new tanning salon.  I went to the same tanning shop on the beach for six plus years, then they closed, I moved and it was sad. LOL  I checked on Yelp, visited a few salons near the house and just could  not find what I was looking for.My daughter worked in my old tanning salon all throughout her college years so I became very picky with beds, spray booths, cleanliness, etc.......  When  I found this tanning salon it was on accident.  I shop at the Target across the street and saw the sign and thought well it is a bit out of my way but since I do shop in the area frequently why not.  When I walked in to check it out Steve the owner was there.  Instantly I liked him.  He gave me so much information.  Took me on a tour to see all the different beds available and he is very personable.  You can tell Customer Service is very important to him and his staff.I explained to him what I was looking for and got the package that suited my needs. They offer different levels of beds, stand up machines, and there fabulous spray tan machine.  My package is I believe the Platinum which includes choice of any bed and spray tanning.  He worked with me to get the maximum for my money each month.  For me it is well worth the money.This salon is super clean!!!  This is very important to me.  I am naturally very fair skinned, as white as someone can be.  For many years if I was in the sun I would get third degree burns.  Finally I figured if I did not want to burn I needed to work on it very gradually, use intense sunscreen and little by little I worked up a base tan.  Living in Florida we get plenty sun, but who for one has the time to work on their tans when you work fulltime for one.  Then I do enjoy the sun but as I have gotten older I can't handle being out in it all day.The package I have monthly, which I highly recommend allows me to go into the level four bed for ten minutes.  I never burn in it, only use it once every week and a half or so then I always spray tan.  I only use the bed to keep my base tan.  I LOVE the spray  tan. No you do not come out orange like many years ago.  As long as you properly use the hand barrier cream you do just fine.You can tell Steve changes the bulbs frequently.  This is a must if you want the true effect of the bed.  His spray tan machine sprays evenly and gives great color.  I do the four pass system which I love.  My spray tan usually last up to 7 days.The entire staff here are so awesome.  They are all super friendly and very accommodating.  Usually never a line to wait.  You get in and out, and free parking.My favorite is Mariana, she seems to always be working when I pop in.  She remembers my name, hands me my shower cap, eye protection and towel and tells me I am all set.  She is the sweetest and so Professional and friendly.  I adore her!!!  Steve hires people like himself.  This is a smart business man that knows how to run a great business.I am very happy with this salon and so thankful I found you.Clean, great prices, amazing Customer Service and excellent beds!!! Been coming here for one year now and LOVE it.
Michelle C.
This new tanning salon near UM is pretty impressive. I met the owner at the cafe next door. I never really considered tanning before, but he talked me into it. I'm glad I went. The girl working the front desk showed me everything and explained all the different beds and the differences between them. I was really impressed with the technology when I was inside. Not to mention they have music pumping -really cool atmospher.All and all I can't say that I will tanning consistently but I'm more inclined now that I discovered how cool and relaxing this place is. I absolutely recommend this place for anyone looking for a tanning salon near UM
Robert K.
Coral Gables
Just walked in with no appointment and they happily took me! Elissa at the front desk associate was so very nice and professional! I also got some free raffle tickets to win some prizes for there grand opening! At first i was not going to buy a membership but there prices are to amazing and the beds are so top notch its worth it! I will be back everyday!
Ali A.
Coral Gables
This salon is the greatest! I have been a tanner for 6 years and have lived all over Texas and now Miami, Fl. Over the years I have visited many salons and I have to say this one takes the cake. It is brand NEW  and conveniently located right near UM! They have top of the line beds, amazing grand opening prices, and the best staff. They were super friendly and talked me through the appropriate bed to get the results I wanted. I can say this will definitely be my permanent salon!
Robyn A.
Coral Gables
I've been waiting for a new tanning salon in this area and I was so excited when I saw this place opened right next to my nail salon! All the beds are brand new and super high tech! They also have norvell spray tanning, which I keep wanting to try! The owner is super nice, and there are no pushy sales people! The all inclusive membership is on sale right now for almost half off for the first 100 customers! I'm already so happy with this spot I signed up with no hesitation!
Lindsey H.
Coral Gables
Great new tanning salon! I walked right in with no appointment. The employees were very helpful in helping select a membership, and not pushy at all on what to select. The beds are great, clean, and salon has all the latest tanning beds! They have a great deal on pricing as they are opening. I am happy I found this salon and highly recommend it. I saw color after my first session.
Jaimie O.
Coral Gables
Great customer service, very informative, I haven't been here yet but I will be coming in this week and can't wait to update and leave a great review!
Becky M.
Fort Lauderdale
Far and away the cleanest, most well maintained tanning salon I have ever been to. Great staff, great owner and good package peices. Bulbs changed more often than I have ever seeen and the beds are the most modern ones available. Highly reccommmend this place over ask others!!
Michelle K.
Fort Lauderdale
I've been tanning for 3-4 years now and I can honestly say this is the BEST tanning salon I've been to. Its clean, new and the employees are awesome too!On my first visit, I was greeted by the manager and she gave me a tour of all of the rooms. She taught me how to work all of them and told me what her personal favorites were. She also gave me lotion recommendations since I had forgotten my bottle at home.I bought the month for levels 1-5 immediately and have had an amazing experience in every single bed. I love that the level 3 beds connect through an aux cable or bluetooth to your phone and you can play your own music.Thanks to Electric Sun I have an incredible natural looking tan!
Claudier M.
Coral Gables

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