Matrix L28 ER - Tanning Booths Fort Lauderdale

Matrix L28 ER

Featured at our Fort Lauderdale location

  • 28 High pressure lamps, 360  degree UV-A
  • Matrix is the most advanced tanning technology
  • 14 min tan time
  • DEC (Dynamic Energy Control) system allows the high
  • Pressure lamps to be controlled and monitored electronically.
  • Power is increased to each lamp as the age of the lamp increases for maximum output.
  • Anti-Reflection liquid-crystal display.
  • Emergency Button
  • Electronic monitoring of solarium operating temperature
  • Electronic variation of airflow to face and body
  • I-Pod and MP-3 ready
  • Satellite sound available

33.00$ 18.88$

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Product Description

Produces ten times more tanning power with four times less burning than our Tropical Series.  ER reflectors guarantee optimal distribution of UV rays on the entire body and the greatest possible tanning efficiency.

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