UWE P90®

$29.00 $18.88

Featured at both Coral Gables and Fort Lauderdale locations

  • 37 Total Lamps
  • X-TREME TAN TEC® High Pressure
  • Produces 10 times more tanning with 4 times less burning than our Tropical Series®
  • Open, non-claustrophobic feeling
  • Quadruple mist with two double jets
  • Double cooled lounge acrylic
  • Room aroma
  • MP3 and iPod compatible, high-performance stereo speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite sound system
  • 12-minute tan time


Facials: 3 1000w Heraeus® Vertical Plug-In High Pressure.
Shoulder: 2 250w Heraeus® Power Spot High Pressure.
Body: 12 600w Heraeus® Vertical Plug-In High Pressure.

Featured at our Fort Lauderdale tanning salon, The P-90 makes you feel as is you’re being transported to another dimension.  This tanning bed provides the deepest, longest lasting results without burning.  It truly provides the most powerful efficient and luxurious tan you will ever achieve.